Thursday, July 31, 2008

Paris, Britney, and Barack...

McCainiacs have got to be wondering when your their guy is going to get real about his campaign for POTUS.

He gets a bump when he calls for lifting the ban on offshore oil drilling and then never follows up. This should be his issue but he is letting it fall to the side while he tries to paint Obama as an elitest.

McCain complains that Obama will raise social security taxes and then tells people Tuesday at a campaign stop that "I don't want tax increases. But that doesn't mean that anything is off the table when it comes to Social Security".

After getting a lot of heat from tax reform groups, on Wednesday he paints himself into a corner when he tells another group he will never raise taxes and has to back off his statement from a day earlier.

He cant seem to stay on a message and drive home the point.

Now he runs an ad that compares Obama to Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Tom Cruise....

Fox News had this to say...

It was the latest effort by the GOP hopeful to cast Obama as a lightweight with little experience in leadership or governing. It also was risky for McCain’s campaign to both acknowledge Obama’s worldwide fame and depict it as a weakness rather than a strength.

“Barack Obama is the biggest celebrity in the world, comparable to Tom Cruise, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton,” Rick Davis, Sen. John McCain’s campaign manager, wrote in an e-mail addressed to interested parties after throwing out a similar line on a conference call with reporters...

...Kathleen Hall Jamieson, a communications professor at the University of Pennsylvania, said McCain’s comparison of Obama to Spears and Hilton likely would not persuade many voters.

“The typical viewer will fail to see the analogy,” she said. “Voters believe Sen. Obama is a celebrity, but not in the same sense as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. So when you are asking, ‘What are they doing in the ad?,’ it distracts attention from the message of the ad.”

Since when are those 3 considered to be the biggest celebrities in the world? Just another example of how far out of touch the McCain campaign really is. Also, it is the last resort of a candidate that is losing to not push their ideas and just try to put doubt about the opponent.

Anyone else find it ironic that McCain is calling someone else a celebrity? He is a guy that was a media darling for years and got himself on TV any chance he could. Now he complains about the media's love affair with Obama.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Generational Change...

Yes... I want to vote the hippies out. Here is why all these politicians that got their "political feet" wet in the 60's have to go. They grew up in a time when we had unequal civil rights. In many cases they were involved in ending them. This is not the case anymore, however they still argue today that minorities are "held back" because of some grand "white guy" conspiracy. Women only earn 78 cents for every dollar a man earns because white guys are sexists and hate women. Poor people are poor because of some grand plan to keep them poor. In other words... Everybody is a victim. Its not their fault. And for over 40 years they have continued to tell people this. They prefer to define people with a hyphonated description. And on and on and on.

Hillary Clinton and all her old hippy women supporters are saying she didnt get the Democratic nomination for no other reason than she is a woman. They are horrified that young women didnt support her. The Congressional Black Caucus say that Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton did not get nominated for no other reason than that they are black. And if Obama does not win it is due to the racist county we live in. Harold Ford Jr didnt win the senate seat in Tennesse because of racist ads, but Lynn Swann didnt become the Governor of Pennsylvania because he was a Republican. The hippies feel that they ended the Viet Nam war by protesting and singing song in the park. The hippies are stuck in the past and think the 60's was the greatest decade in our history. They also feel they are the "Greatest Generation". They are not up to date in any way and live in a time warp. They have a hard time grasping that a "black" guy can make it to the Democratic nomination with out their help. This baffles their tiny minds. Other things that baffle their mind is when young people that dont see things their way. This is why I want them out.

Young voters may be liberal politically, but they dont buy into the racism and sexism conspiracies of the hippies. They want us to move past the "old politics". The younger politicians dont buy into it either. There are bright young politicians that are there because they looked beyond the old hippy mindset. They are fed up with the old hippies fighting with the old Chickenhawks on the Republican side of the aisle.

So I think you are wrong when you say they are identical to the old hippies. This is why Congress has an 11% approval rating. This is why people want to end the status quo. McCain and Clinton are the status quo.

I want to end the status quo. I want Congress revamped. I want a generational change in the White House. I feel that a generational change is the only way to get things moving in DC again.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Biggest RINO in Congress...

McCain is probably the biggest RINO in Congress. In 2001 he wanted to leave the GOP. Now he is the candidate and the right wing radio guys argue that he is better than either Democratic candidate because he will appoint better judges.... WTF!!! This is McCain's only redeeming quality to the GOP base???

The Hill Newspaper wrote:
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) was close to leaving the Republican Party in 2001, weeks before then-Sen. Jim Jeffords (Vt.) famously announced his decision to become an Independent, according to former Democratic lawmakers who say they were involved in the discussions.

In interviews with The Hill this month, former Sen. Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) and ex-Rep. Tom Downey (D-N.Y.) said there were nearly two months of talks with the maverick lawmaker following an approach by John Weaver, McCain’s chief political strategist.

Democrats had contacted Jeffords and then-Sen. Lincoln Chafee (R-R.I.) in the early months of 2001 about switching parties, but in McCain’s case, they said, it was McCain’s top strategist who came to them.

McCain buys into just about every liberal issue out there. At least you know what you get with Obama. McCain will bleed you dry with a death of a thousand cuts, all the while calling you "My Friend".

When the 527 ads start coming out, McCain will be shreaded. He has 27 years in Washington and is the problem, not the maverick he claims to be. The 527's will be real nasty against McCain.

Obama wont fare much better but those 527 ads will be racist and use racist code words. He doesnt have the baggage that McCain or Clinton have but that wont stop the 527's from trying to rip him apart on character rather than time in DC.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Get Rid of the Hippies...

This post is in keeping with my opinions in the Obama and McCain race for POTUS, I have continually said the hippies have to go. They are a lost group that are dead from the neck up... and thankfully now that they are getting old and are dead from the waist down too. The 60's were a 10 year period that trashed our country. So I was very happy to read this story in the NY Times.

Say good bye to the hippies....

The ’60s Begin to Fade as Liberal Professors Retire

“There’s definitely something happening,” said Peter W. Wood, executive director of the National Association of Scholars, which was created in 1987 to counter attacks on Western culture and values. “I hear from quite a few faculty members and graduate students from around the country. They are not really interested in fighting the battles that have been fought over the last 20 years.”

Individual colleges and organizations like the American Association of University Professors are already bracing for what has been labeled the graying of the faculty. More than 54 percent of full-time faculty members in the United States were older than 50 in 2005, compared with 22.5 percent in 1969. How many will actually retire in the next decade or so depends on personal preferences and health, as well as how their pensions fare in the financial markets.

Yet already there are signs that the intense passions and polemics that roiled campuses during the past couple of decades have begun to fade. At Stanford a divided anthropology department reunited last year after a bitter split in 1998 broke it into two entities, one focusing on culture, the other on biology. At Amherst, where military recruiters were kicked out in 1987, students crammed into a lecture hall this year to listen as alumni who served in Iraq urged them to join the military.

In general, information on professors’ political and ideological leanings tends to be scarce. But a new study of the social and political views of American professors by Neil Gross at the University of British Columbia and Solon Simmons at George Mason University found that the notion of a generational divide is more than a glancing impression. “Self-described liberals are most common within the ranks of those professors aged 50-64, who were teenagers or young adults in the 1960s,” they wrote, making up just under 50 percent. At the same time, the youngest group, ages 26 to 35, contains the highest percentage of moderates, some 60 percent, and the lowest percentage of liberals, just under a third.

When it comes to those who consider themselves “liberal activists,” 17.2 percent of the 50-64 age group take up the banner compared with only 1.3 percent of professors 35 and younger.