Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time To Select A "Campsite"...

It's been a while since the POTUS election. I am still willing to give President Obama policies and changes time to start before I pass any judgement. We are an "immediate gratification" society and expect someone to get things fixed in a day, when it took years to get into the mess.

Now, I sit back and watch the two camps in the GOP fight over what the face of the GOP will be. The Limbaugh-Hannity-Coulter camp that says the GOP need to "get back to our roots" and move further to the right. And the Wills-Noonan-Steele, and now adding McCain to that camp. No... Not John McCain. His daughter Meghan. She is 24 and seems to realize what the GOP needs to do better than most. This is the camp that says the GOP needs to open the doors and make the GOP cool again. That includes remaining fiscally conservative but becoming more socially liberal.

Put me in the Wills-Noonan-Steele-McCain camp.


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