Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Fat Lady Is Tuning Up...

Well… It seems like the fat lady is tuning up…

Tonight is the last POTUS debate and in 20 days we will elect a new administration. The good news about that is it should put an end to all of the ridiculous BS that has been said and written in the last 10 months.

I have no doubt that volumes will be written in the media about why someone lost and why someone won.

I am not a supporter of McCain for reasons going back 20 years and when I lived in Arizona. My feeling is that he will tear the GOP to pieces for 20 years. I am also not a big supporter of Obama, contrary to what some of you think. I feel the citizens of the United States are going to be losers regardless of who wins.

I was sure enough to make a bet with cigar smoking buddy that Obama would win easily. Now it looks like that is going to happen. Latest polling has him up by a lot nationally, as well as all the key battleground states. If you look at the Electoral College numbers, it will be a landslide.

All that being said, what does McCain gain with all his negative ads and campaigning at this point? His ads have been 100% negative of Obama since July. IMO, this is why he has not gotten any traction. Continuing this way will look desperate and not the honorable, brave, country first man he claims to be. It didn’t work for Hillary, so why did his campaign feel that it would work for McCain?

He needed to sell John McCain and why he would be a good POTUS, not trying to scare voters about Obama. Telling people not to vote for someone is not the same as getting them to vote for you. IMO, he should have fired his whole campaign staff and recreated the “McCain Image

Here are some of the reasons many GOP strategists have given for his poor performance.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s nomination as a turning point in McCain’s slide by undercutting his experience argument and tethered McCain to the GOP base.

Sen. Barack Obama’s choice of Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate, showed voters which candidate was “serious” about governing and which one was just trying to win. He should have chosen Mitt Romney. Given the economic situation now and Romney’s economic experience would have him up by 10 points now.

McCain failed to get on message, stick to it and drive it home.

McCain is only at his best in crisis mode and that made him look very erratic and confused. At times like this people want someone on an even keel.

McCain’s long history of support for deregulation of the financial industry and his unwillingness to alter his opinion in the middle of an economic collapse. This handed Obama a ready-made economic narrative—or, rather, it added a powerful extension to the catchall argument he was already making against McCain as a clone of Bush.

I would like to see candidates take the “high road” for the next 20 days, but I really doubt they will.


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