Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Generational Change...

Yes... I want to vote the hippies out. Here is why all these politicians that got their "political feet" wet in the 60's have to go. They grew up in a time when we had unequal civil rights. In many cases they were involved in ending them. This is not the case anymore, however they still argue today that minorities are "held back" because of some grand "white guy" conspiracy. Women only earn 78 cents for every dollar a man earns because white guys are sexists and hate women. Poor people are poor because of some grand plan to keep them poor. In other words... Everybody is a victim. Its not their fault. And for over 40 years they have continued to tell people this. They prefer to define people with a hyphonated description. And on and on and on.

Hillary Clinton and all her old hippy women supporters are saying she didnt get the Democratic nomination for no other reason than she is a woman. They are horrified that young women didnt support her. The Congressional Black Caucus say that Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton did not get nominated for no other reason than that they are black. And if Obama does not win it is due to the racist county we live in. Harold Ford Jr didnt win the senate seat in Tennesse because of racist ads, but Lynn Swann didnt become the Governor of Pennsylvania because he was a Republican. The hippies feel that they ended the Viet Nam war by protesting and singing song in the park. The hippies are stuck in the past and think the 60's was the greatest decade in our history. They also feel they are the "Greatest Generation". They are not up to date in any way and live in a time warp. They have a hard time grasping that a "black" guy can make it to the Democratic nomination with out their help. This baffles their tiny minds. Other things that baffle their mind is when young people that dont see things their way. This is why I want them out.

Young voters may be liberal politically, but they dont buy into the racism and sexism conspiracies of the hippies. They want us to move past the "old politics". The younger politicians dont buy into it either. There are bright young politicians that are there because they looked beyond the old hippy mindset. They are fed up with the old hippies fighting with the old Chickenhawks on the Republican side of the aisle.

So I think you are wrong when you say they are identical to the old hippies. This is why Congress has an 11% approval rating. This is why people want to end the status quo. McCain and Clinton are the status quo.

I want to end the status quo. I want Congress revamped. I want a generational change in the White House. I feel that a generational change is the only way to get things moving in DC again.


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