Thursday, February 21, 2008

10 - 0

With a population that is more than 91 percent white, Wisconsin isn't African American enough for Bill Clinton to hint that it didn't count. As one of the 20 most populous states in the union, it's not small enough for Clinton's chief strategist, Mark Penn, to suggest it didn't rate. Because Wisconsin uses a primary, the Clinton campaign can't pretend it was noncompetitive because of a mysterious allergy to caucuses.

The bottom line is this… Hillary Clinton is just not the person the Democrats want as POTUS. She is experiencing the worst thing that can be said to a woman… “Sorry, we just aren’t that into you…”. She had no plan for after Super Tuesday and it has cost her big time. If the Democrats had used a winner take all policy like the Republicans, she would have been counted out a long time ago. Instead of telling people in her speeches that she is ready to be Commander in Chief or that she has already shown she can take the Republican’s best shot… she needs to be asking them for help just to keep her in the race. Maybe she has taken the Republican’s best shot, but that doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as hard as Obama’s best shot.

Obama has a 10-0 record since Super Tuesday. His win in Wisconsin was only by 17%, which was his smallest margin of victory during the streak. His average margin of victory during the streak was a whopping 33%. He appears to be unstopable now. He should end up winning Texas and Ohio by a large margin too.

McCain won an easy victory over Huckabee, moving him ever closer to clinching the party's nomination. In his speech afterward, McCain all but dismissed Clinton as a potential adversary, focusing his rhetorical fire on Obama as offering an "eloquent but empty call for change." What is wrong with McCain?? Can’t he see that Hillary has been saying that for the last month and she is 0-10? Why would he think this will work for him is beyond me. He needs to take Obama on in the issues if he expects to have any chance of winning. He will also need to win back the Independents that have been flocking to Obama. This is not going to be easy because Independents see him as part of the problem, not part of the solution. People like a “maverick” in the Senate, but they don’t like the idea of a “maverick” in the White House.


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