Monday, January 21, 2008

Michigan is in the books...

Well, Michigan is in the books now and nothing in either party is settled. The Republicans have 3 different winners now and no clear front runner. I was a bit surprised that McCain didnt do better given that Independent and Democrats could vote in the Republican primary, which I think is a total joke. McCain's only hope is to get Independent voters because in the states that dont allow them he will be clobbered by the Republican base. He has only been delaying the inevitable.

I think Romney won because he stressed his business experience in a state that has been hurt bad economically. Romney's message in the last few days was tailored to the economic concerns of Michigan. He also made some crazy promises to return auto jobs back to Michigan too. Those jobs are gone forever.

Yet again, Hillary is the big loser. However her camp is touting it as another big win. She got 55% of the vote... as the only major candidate on the ballot. Uncommitted got 40%. Her camp decided that since Uncommitted didnt get 60-70% of the vote it was a win for her. I am surprised that 40% of the Democratic voters came out in a snow storm to vote Uncommitted. There was no incentive for them to do that. The big story is Hillary Clinton losing the African American vote to Uncommitted. The exit poll pegged African Americans going against Clinton, 68% to 30%. African Americans are breaking Obama's way. The Clinton campaign should be worried about this.

The other candidates chose to obey what the DNC had said about not campaigning or running in Michigan since they jumped themselves ahead in the primaries. There delegates will not count at the convention as a result, so there was no reason to be on the ballot. The buzz on the MSM is that the Clintons are trying to get the DNC to reverse their decision about the Michigan delgates. Go figure huh?


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