Sunday, April 30, 2006

Stop chasing a lot of ants...

It is ILLEGAL to hire undocumented immigrants. The government has failed to enforce existing laws for a long time now. By failing to enforce this law they have "allowed" the uncontrolled entry into this county. Where is the outcry from the labor unions that have seen jobs leave this country that will never come back? Where is their outrage at seeing people undercutting union wages and give these people jobs at slave wages without any protection from environmental and OSHA laws? Many employers now are forced to hire illegals just to compete with the other companies that do. These employers know that an illegal alien isn’t going to complain about a job condition or wage. Who will they complain to? This is a problem that was created by business and government and the middle class is getting screwed...

The idiots in Congress are "so concerned" about this situation that they plan on comprehensive immigration reform. All they will create is another layer of bureaucracy and mandates that will go unfunded and unenforced. Does anyone think these bottom feeders in Congress are going to bite the hand that feeds them?

Any sort of amnesty plan is a slap in the face to those who come here legally. I realize this issue seems to be mostly about Mexicans but I really don’t care if they came from Ireland, China, Philippines or any other country. Illegal is illegal and that cannot be rewarded.

I lived in San Francisco for 10 years and Phoenix for 5 years. The "immigrant" problem is huge in those areas. TB rates are through the roof in San Francisco as a result of the many illegals from China and Russia. Forget about Phoenix. Social services are broke keeping up all the illegals. Here in the DC area MS-13 has become a HUGE problem. This is all directly related to an uncontrolled border.

If we took away the jobs, and severely fined, the people hiring them these illegal aliens would have no choice but to go home. I hear all this talk about securing the borders and that needs to be done, but only after you have dried up the source of jobs for them. Stop chasing a lot of ants... take away the sugar cube…


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