Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Selling Off American Ports...

Why is the United States even considering allowing the Dubai Ports World to take control of any major ports? Why are we outsourcing this at all? Sadly, I was not surprised to find out that control of U.S. ports are in the hands of foreign companies. There are so many jobs that those brain dead folks in Congress have allowed to leave the country and this includes jobs that involve confidential and security concerns. Who wants to hear that their income taxes are being reviewed in India? Who wants to learn that control of our ports is not in the hands of trained Americans?

This deal with Dubai Ports World should never have come to the table because they participate in the Arab boycott against Israel. As long as this is the way they want to do business then any negotiations have to end. The UAE supports the Arab world’s anti-Israeli view, which includes the boycott and the goal of eliminating Israel as a country. This is totally unacceptable. U.S. law bars firms from cooperating with attempts by Arab governments to boycott Israel. Maybe these brain dead lawmakers in Congress will realize that their own law is being violated.

It also bothers me quite a bit that President Bush, who has never vetoed any legislation during his time in office, has said he will veto any law barring Dubai Ports World from not getting this job. Why is this his line in the sand? What will a thorough investigation uncover about this “backdoor” attempt to sneak this by the people? It smells a little fishy to me…


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