Friday, November 18, 2005

Yet Another Wasted Year in DC...

The Congress has wrapped up their “business” before a 2-week break followed by a nice long holiday break, so essentially they are done for the year. What have they really done for the American people this year? Besides confirming John Roberts to the SCOTUS. NOTHING!! As usual.

They have not done anything on Social Security reform. Another year wasted when it comes to making Social Security solvent.

They have done nothing on Border Security and Immigration Reform. So a few million illegal people have come into this country.

They have ignored any Energy Reform, so we are still paying through the nose for oil from the Middle East while the oil companies in this country make record profits in the 3rd quarter of the year.

But wait, they did manage to sell out the American people with CAFTA. A one-way street for jobs leaving this country for cheaper labor cost but things don’t cost us any less after the jobs leave.

Who can forget the screwing they gave us with the Transportation Bill with over 6000 pork projects and a $295 billion price tag. Up an additional $39 billion to buy the votes needed to pass CAFTA.

And who can be upset with all the wasted time spent on steroids in Major League Baseball? And the filibustering on judges? What about all the blowhards going on and on about WMD and the war in Iraq?

These elected leaders are a shame to the American people who voted them into office and can see past all the nothingness that happens in Washington D.C. The should forfeit all pay for this past year. Every one needs to be voted out and we need to put term limits in place for the Congress…


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