Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Gaza Sellout...

It is a painful time in the history of Israel. Troops are being used to forcibly remove Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip. It is a huge mistake to leave this land and allow the Palestinians to take it over. Does Ariel Sharon think for a second that giving up this land will bring peace to that section of the Middle East?

I have heard the argument that the Gaza Strip is too expensive and difficult to defend. That may be true but it is a horrible idea to give this land up. The Palestinians have no real ruling authority or government. So who is getting this land? The PA, Hammas, Al-Aqusa Martyrs Brigades? How can you give up land to people with no controlling group? This may result in a civil war with groups fighting for control of 100 square miles of land. The Gaza Strip may just become a base for future terrorist attacks.

Where was the negotiation in all of this? The Palestinians have not given up or conceded anything in all of this. This was not land taken from the Palestinians; it was barren land that Israeli settlers have made their home. Why didn’t Egypt give some land to this process? It tells the rest of the murdering thugs in the Middle East that terror will get them what they want. The Palestinians have no skin in the game and now will try the same terror tactics to try and take the West Bank. Fox News reports that U.N. funds earmarked to help alleviate poverty is being used to fund a Palestinian political campaign under the slogan, "Today Gaza, tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem. The Palestinians have not even waited for the Israeli settlers to leave before they have let the world know their next move.

I wonder what the next move for Israel will be. Now that they have given the Palestinians a state I hope they don’t have to go to war to take it back and drive the Palestinians out. I also wonder how the rich Arab nations will react. I would like to see them supply financial aid to help the poverty and improve the employment situation. Will Israel have to build a wall around the Gaza Strip? This week's confrontations should bolster the argument that Israel is making a huge concession that deserves international recognition.


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