Monday, July 11, 2005

Good Money After Bad...

The G8 Summit is over and already there are some who whining that not enough was being done in terms of monetary aid and debt relief for African and other 3rd world countries. In my opinion this is just a waste of good money after bad. I am very opposed to giving monetary aid to any foreign country. Handing a check to leaders in most 3rd world countries is just wrong. These countries have proven over and over again that the money ends up in private accounts and a miniscule amount makes it to the people who need it the most. It is no wonder that these countries are falling further behind.

My suggestion would be to offer these countries a “shopping list” instead of money. Things on the shopping list could be farm equipment, food processing equipment, electronic equipment, electrical producing and distribution equipment, health supplies and these sorts of things. Then when the list comes back whoever is overseeing the operation would place an order with John Deer or International Harvester for the farm equipment, General Electric or some other large manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment. This could be done for everything on the shopping list. If we don’t manufacture it in this country let the other G8 nation that does put it on their shopping list. By doing this money spent would produce jobs and keep the money in this country. It makes no sense to me to give a country cash and then they go to China and buy the product, if they even buy any at all. I hate the idea of my taxes being turned over in a check to a corrupt 3rd world leadership.

I am also very upset by the idea of increasing any aid to the Palestinians. This is not a country and has no real established controlling government or leadership. The per capita aid being given them is over 20 times higher than that being given to African nations. This is a group of people so poorly led over the last 30 years that they have been thrown out of every Arab county in which they have settled. Until the Palestinians can show themselves to be in control of their leadership and the leadership in control of the situation they should not receive any more monetary aid. The oil rich nations of the Middle East are the one that should be supplying aid to the Palestinians, and I don’t mean paying the families of homicide bombers. These countries are gouging us for oil now. Let them spend some of the more than $2 a gallon I pay now to truly help the Palestinians. I don’t think that will ever happen because they need the Palestinians to be downtrodden to justify the anti Israeli hatred…


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