Saturday, June 25, 2005

Time To Be A Leader...

The other day I saw Vice President Dick Cheney being interviewed by Wolfe Blizter on CNN. He really made me feel good about the way things were going in this country and the war on terror. He spoke in a confident way that portrayed him as a leader. He didn’t beat around the bush and use a lot of metaphors. He was clear and to the point. I think most of us that watched the Vice Presidential debates last year so the way he was clear and concise. He clobbered John Edwards and showed him to be a real political lightweight. After that debate Edwards pretty much dropped out of the picture during the campaign.

We have not had a good speaker as President since Ronald Reagan, in my opinion. He was a man that spoke like a leader and people felt good about things. I feel that that is what people want and need in a leader.

I think its time the President Bush stop the nice homey approach with his public speaking. I for one get very tired of only seeing him in front of a group of supporters with some banner behind him. I am also growing wearing of the way he leans on the podium and speaks like he is family. I don’t want to hear that it’s a lot of hard work in Iraq. We all know that by now. He will be going on TV next week to address the country and what we need is a leader to speak to us, not our uncle. Be clear, decisive and honest about what you tell us. Don’t talk down to us, don’t try to be our best friend, don’t talk to us like we were at a picnic together. Speak to us as a leader Mr. President. Go back to being the leader that spoke to us from ground zero…


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