Friday, May 06, 2005

Creationists Seek Curriculum Change...

Most people will agree that the quality of education in the public school systems leaves a lot to be desired. It seems that there is a lot of talk about changing the curriculum but it never seems to be to add more math, science and grammar. It always seems to be the need to add more art and music and touchy feely classes. We graduate children that cant read and write or balance a checkbook. The latest thing in Kansas is another big push to teach creationism in the public schools. This is a touchy issue but I feel that creationism is better left to church schools or parents. The people that want creationism taught keep saying that evolution is just a theory. Well so is gravity and electricity and no one gets upset that they are theories.

The creationists are literalists that seem set in the idea that the world was created in 6 days and those 6 days were 24 hours long. The writers of the Bible had to use a “reference of time” to define creation. What’s to say that the first “day” was not really 1,000,000 years? And the second “day” wasn’t 10,000 years and so on? This only would answer part of the creation/evolution question. The real issue is the question of whether humans evolved from apes or not. I feel that we did but there are many out there that get very offended by the very thought.
There is also a group creationists that feel the earth is only about 6000 years old and ignore any of the things like carbon dating and fossils that prove the earth is much older. What will happen if they start pushing the get their agenda into the public schools?

The only sure thing that will come out of this will be a whole lot of kids who still wont be able to read either a Bible or a science book…


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