Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Congressional Steroid Joke...

What a joke this Congressional steroid hearing is going to be. It is a few members of Congress grandstanding and going after an issue that should not be handled by them. John McCain made a fuss about steroids a few months ago and it went nowhere. What makes this a joke is whom they have subpoenaed or maybe whom they didn’t. Bringing retired players and guys at the end of their career is not going to discover anything. Where is Barry Bonds? Why does he get a pass on this?
Why don’t they subpoena NFL players and body builders? They don’t use steroids according to these grandstanders. How did players in the NFL get so much bigger than they were 10 years ago? Mr. (and Ms.) Universe contestants are huge and they get a free pass. Why do they even have an “All Natural” category in many contests? Why go after a few guys that have been hitting home runs their whole career? Why not look at the 2nd baseman that weighed 150 pounds and hit 4 home runs a few years ago and now weighs 190 pounds and hits 24 homeruns a year? This just tells me that once again Congress won’t deal with the important issues and try to tell us that this is good use of our tax dollars. This is an issue for baseball to deal with and not a few grandstanding politicians…


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