Sunday, March 06, 2005

Stop at the Checkpoint the Next Time...

What in the world was the car containing former hostage Giuliana Sgrena, the 56-year-old journalist for the communist newspaper Il Manifesto, driving full speed at a military checkpoint in Iraq? It’s very unfortunate that the Italian agent lost his life in this incident. The agents in the car with her had been in Iraq for quite a while and had to know about the Rules of Engagement involving checkpoints. American authorities said the soldiers shot into the engine block only after trying to warn the driver to stop by "hand and arm signals, flashing white lights and firing warning shots."

Now the Italians and the press watchdog group Reporters Without Borders called for a U.N. investigation into the shooting. It seems to me the question is why is a communist newspaper sending a female into a war zone? I can’t imagine that the US military ever got any favorable press in her paper. She is selfish and put not only herself but also many others in danger by her even being there.

Another thing that really bothers me is that an Iraqi official has said that a $1,000,000 dollar ransom was paid for her release? Did the Italian government pay this? It is outrageous that ransoms are being paid to the terrorists. $1,000,000 can buy a lot of AK-47s and RPGs. There are some saying that she was not kidnapped at all but the whole thing had been staged to get money directly to the terrorists. She said she had not been mistreated while held captive, yet she pleaded for her life on a video. She also said she communicated with them in French. FRENCH!!! What does that mean?

Italian officials have already said that a $1,000,000 ransom had been paid for the release of 2 women aid workers last September. So now the terrorists have extorted $2,000,000. No wonder they have been able to keep getting arms.
I feel they should arrest this woman and file charges on her if any of this it true…


Anonymous Balerna Family said...

My family and I want to thank you, American soldiers, and at the same time we apologize to you for having such lier and bastard people as Giuliana Sgrena in our country.

Our Government paid a ransom to have this communist journalist released. I apologize to you for this as well, but the Italians are not all like Mrs Sgrena, so anti-American, Stalinist, pro-Muslim and pro-Castro.
I wish my Government hadn't paid any ransom, but our Prime Minister Berlusconi is always violently attacked by medias, by the communist opposition and even by a part of the Church...An alarming wind is blowing in my conuntry...!

I would have acted in the same way as the American soldiers did by firing eight times. I weep only for Nicola Calipari's death, because I would have preferred that woman's death -she's the shame of my country!!!-

Let's stay united, notwithstanding this, Italy and America must be mutually faithful in the war against Islamic terrorism.

My prayers rising from the depth of my heart go to your and our dead soldiers. May God keep them in His arms and may He bless their families and America. And may He protect your lives!

Don't forget that true Italy is that of Fabrizio Quattrocchi; that of Giuliana Sgrena is nothing but the bastard side, it is not my Italy.

Let's stay united, for a future of freedom, justice and peace to live together, sons of the same civilization, sons of the same God.

Lorella Ciroli
Agostino Balerna
Jessica Balerna
Cassandra Balerna
Tatiana Balerna
Myriam Balerna

4:28 PM  

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