Friday, March 25, 2005

Overhaul The Current Tax System...

With April 15th looming on the horizon we all have to pay the price for living in this great county. Taxes are due along with all the headaches and aggravations that go along with filing the 1040 forms. How did the government and IRS allow this requirement to get so complicated and unfair? How did they let all of the loopholes? Why are there so many variables when it comes to deductions and tax rates? Why does it take an accountant or computer program to do you taxes? Who can argue that the status quo is a good system? It is a mess because Congress is gutless to say no to lobbyists and their own members special interests and pork. That’s another whole posting by itself.

I have felt for many years that a huge overhaul of the tax system is needed in this country. I think I got interested in 1992 when Ross Perot kept bringing up the need for a simplified tax system during the Presidential campaign. I like the idea of a National Retail Sales Tax. I think this would raise more money because it eliminates loopholes, shelters and people who cheat on their taxes. There is a good essay on this subject at and you can read it here. There are a lot of other good common sense reads there too.

As much as we need an overhaul of the tax system I doubt there is a Republican or Democrat that would ever give it the time of day. Their bread and butter is promising tax cuts or raise the taxes on the wealthy. Until the time comes when people create and support a viable 3rd party it will never get a thought…


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