Friday, July 01, 2005

If the Season Ended Today...

Here it is July 1st already and the best thing happening in Washington D.C. these days are the Washington Nationals baseball team. The Nats are in first place in the National League East with a 4.5 game lead over the Atlanta Braves and the best home record in the major leagues. This was the team that no one wanted. They played last year in Montreal in front of crowds of 3000 people. This year they have reached over a million fans and this was done on June 12th, their 32nd home game of the year.

Last December I blogged that there was no way the Montreal Expos would play in Washington DC and become my “home” team. Politics in DC were at work and just when it got close it looked like the rug would get pulled out from under them. I was wrong and a day later the particulars were worked out and Washington had a Major League Baseball team. They still need real ownership and a long term stadium plan but this team has got the area talking baseball and not just about the Redskins.

I know its only July 1st and there are still 84 games to play but the Nats are in first place. I think the real reason for their success is that they didn’t choose the name Senators for the 3rd time. Man, talk about a offensive name for a team…


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