Friday, July 29, 2005

CAFTA is Spanish for Another Sellout...

The House and Senate have yet again chopped away another piece of the American middle class. They passed the Central American Free Trade Agreement and sold out the American people yet again. This bill passed in the 11th hour by only 2 votes and has been described as “Lets Make a Deal” legislation. The House vote, supposed to take 15 minutes, dragged on for an hour as negotiations swirled around the floor among GOP leaders and rank-and-file members reluctant to vote for the agreement. It make me very angry that so much pork was promised for the upcoming Highway and Mass Transit bill to get this bill passed. This will have a huge impact on the textiles and citrus fruit industries. Congress says that this will only account for 1% of all trade. I ask them how we can afford to trade away 1% of our jobs and economy for the benefit of a few?

I am so tired of hearing how these deals are good for business and will create jobs. How do you create good jobs in this country when we ship more industries out of the country? We keep losing industries and don’t manufacture much in this country anymore and we end up with a lot of cheap Chinese products in a Wal-Mart. This will only continue to deepen the trade deficit. They tell us its good for business but I have watched my IRA, 401K, Mutual Funds and stocks spin their wheels for the last 4-5 years. How is that helping us investors?

We need to put term limits on Congress and start electing people that will look after the American people and stop selling us out to lobbyists. This goes for the President as well. Do the job we elected you to do. Shut down the southern border and stop sending jobs oversees. This has gone on long enough. Its time for real statesmen and not backroom dealing politicians…


Blogger Dick Maag said...

Finally one that I don't agree with you on, except for term limits. Still a good batting average.

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