Monday, July 11, 2005

America's Newspaper... Yea Right...

The Washington Post has once again frosted my butt with its editorial policy this past Sunday. I went to the Outlook section and became upset. There were 3 articles on the front page of this section. The top editorial was from Candida Crew, a “freelance journalist” who says, “… why should our country, with Blair so much in Bush’s pocket, and so much a part of the Iraq fray, have continued to get off scot-free?” This whole piece went on to say the reason for the London bombings was “Blair’s co-dependent love affair with George Bush and our repellant involvement in Iraq”. After reading this I began to get a bit steamed. More Bush bashing.

The 2nd editorial starts out by saying that Senator Richard Durbin was just “careless” in his statements comparing U.S. interrogation practices to those of a Soviet gulag. Then Juliette Kayyem went on to say, “… in the super-charged torture debates, its much easier for the Bush administration to focus on the critics’ choice of word than on the interrogation practices themselves”. Once again more Bush bashing. The rest of her piece goes on to give her “legal” opinion of the “torture” occurring at Guantanamo Bay and how Congress should regulate interrogations by Americans.

The 3rd piece by Elliot Cohen is how he as a father and former hawk on the Iraq war is now questioning his thoughts about the war now that his son, an Army Officer and Ranger will be going to Iraq. His first paragraph gets right to his point by criticizing Bush and his speech at Ft Bragg last week. He says, “Our oldest son now dresses like the impassive soldiers who served as stage props for that event…” Now he has second thoughts about his whole belief on American Middle East policy and Bush’s handling of things.

I voted for President Bush but I am not a huge fan of his. I feel he has let us down in many areas but I still support him. I get really upset when I see the Washington Post, and other MSM, continue to print so much anti-Bush rhetoric. One of these days I will actually do what I keep promising and cancel my subscription to the Post…


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