Sunday, October 16, 2005

Go Ahead, Pass The Cost On...

This past week Connecticut became the fifteenth state to mandate insurance coverage for fertility treatments. They, however, imposed an age limit of 39 — several years younger than those imposed by neighboring New York and New Jersey (44 and 46, respectively). Some insurers say the success rate of infertility treatments for women in there 40s is not high enough to warrant insuring such an expensive procedure. That cost is passed on to everyone insured by that company. Infertility treatment is very expensive and in some cases can cost more that $12,000.

This of course has Connecticut residents hoping to conceive through in vitro fertilization upset and claiming it’s unfair to them. And why not? Far too many people think it is their right to have the cost of their lifestyle and choices paid for them by others. No one has told these women that they cant have in vitro fertilization treatments. They are upset because they were told the rest of us aren’t going to pay for it. Something for nothing is the motto of far too many people in this country.

I, for one, am so sick and tired of the politicians mandating that things that benefit a very few and then rely on the rest of us to pay for it either through taxes or in this case insurance premiums. So often they just don’t realize the downstream impact of their idiotic decisions. I have to select insurance options at work by the end of the month and saw that yet again saw my premiums go up, my co-pay go up, and my coverage go down. Lifestyle choices for others should not become the rest of the population burden to pay for, but politicians just don’t see it that way. I suppose they see it as a way to get a few more votes…


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Right On!

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