Saturday, October 29, 2005

Swinging at a Pitch in the Dirt…

I believe the Bush administration's goal is to have another female Supreme Court judge to keep Supreme Court "balanced" on the makeup. I thought that Janice Rogers Brown would've been President Bush's 1st choice. Perhaps she was his first choice all along but nominated Harriet Miers banking that either way if she wins the vote it would be good. I think that Harriet Miers was used as the “canary in the coal mine” to get the Democrats to tip their hand.

If the Bush administration now decides to nominate Janice Rogers Brown the Democrats get themselves backed into a corner if they are going to be the rabid bunch by going after a 2nd nominated woman. But this time it'd be a first nominated black woman for the Supreme court. What a quandry for the Democrats to face!

Janice Rogers Brown is well qualified to be the next Supreme Court judge with her experience in the 2nd highest court in the land. She has a sharecropper story and did everything herself by pulling her own bootstrap. She is a woman, and if voted for the Supreme court, she'll be the first black woman judge in the Supreme court history.

We had the first woman judge, Sandra Day O'Connor, now since retired.

We had the first black judge, Thurgood Marshall. Died some years ago.

We have the second black judge Clarence Thomas.

We have the second woman judge, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I think the whole thing was a clever set up by the Bush administration and Miers agreed to go along with it and wouldn't matter if she won the seat or not since the first objective by the Bush administration was to get another woman on the Supreme Court. The Administration was banking on the Democrats' reaction toward Miers. And if Miers nomination fails, then Janice Rogers Brown would be next and use the Democrats' past response against them.

They got the Democrats to swing at a pitch in the dirt for a 3rd strike…


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