Monday, March 20, 2006

My Ideal Presidential Candidate...

My candidate can be from any party or an Independent, be of any faith, be of any color, and be of any gender. My candidate must actually believe in and work towards all the planks in their platform, not just pay lip service to them just to garner votes. My candidate will hold themselves accountable to the American public and not to big business, the U.N., or any other group.

My candidate would get the government back to running the country, stop meddling in people’s lives and leave social issues to the states.

My candidate would get rid of the IRS and create a fair and equitable tax system. This could be a flat tax or a National sales tax.

My candidate would end all foreign aid in the form of money. Any aid given to another country would be in the form of American made products. No more giving $10,000,000 to a country that is suffering from hunger, and then see that countries leaders skim 75% for themselves and then buy food from China. My candidate would buy food from American farmers or buy farming equipment from American manufacturing companies.

My candidate would end the NAFTA, GATT, WTO, and CAFTA deals. My candidate would work to bring jobs and manufacturing back to this country and make it impossible for a company to move offshore and still get all the tax and tariff breaks they get now. My candidate would not allow foreign countries to undercut American business and pay no tariffs.

My candidate would secure the borders to stop the flood of illegal immigrants. They would also work to deport those illegal immigrants already in this county.

My candidate would put an end to gifts and contributions of any form from lobbyists.

My candidate would work to put term limits in Congress and a reasonable mandatory retirement age for the SCOTUS.

My candidate would work to end foreign dependence for energy sources. They would open oil drilling in this country and work to develop alternative fuel sources.

My candidate would reform the education system in this country. Students in this country have to be competitive with students in other countries in math, science, technology and languages.

My candidate would either end or drastically change the current Social Security system.
I don’t really care what my candidates social views are because those are better left to the states.

Opppps…. There goes my alarm clock… I must have been dreaming…


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