Thursday, January 10, 2008

Stunner in N.H... Huh?? I dont think so...

Top 3 finishers:

Clinton - 39%
Obama - 37%
Edwards - 17%

McCain - 37 %
Romney - 32%
Huckabee - 11%

Well... The New Hampshire primaries are in the books now and all the talking heads are saying that Clinton made a huge comeback. I dont buy it for a second.

MSNBC wrote:
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton won New Hampshire's Democratic
primary Tuesday night, pulling out a stunning victory over Sen. Barack Obama in
a contest that she had been forecast to lose.
Did anyone actually believe the "latest polls" that showed Obama up by 20%? Huh?? 10 days before the N.H. primary all the polls had Clinton up by as much as 20% with most showing an 13-15% lead there.

Were we supposed to think that after Iowa there would be a 30-40% swing? Only an idiot would have believed that. Why didnt any of the talking heads question the reliability of the recent polls. They were spot on for the Republican race but had a huge swing for the Democrats and everyone took the bait - hook, line, and sinker.

I dont believe in conspiracies, but I smell the Clinton machine in action. They had to somehow spin N.H. as a "win" for Hillary at all costs or the money would dry up faster than a cigar out of the humidor. If Hillary had lost a 20 point lead and only won by the 2-3% that she did, it would have been touted as a big win for Obama by narrowing huge gap. On the flip side, if "miraculously" Obama had gotten a 20% lead and only beat Clinton by 3-5% it would still be seen as a victory for Hillary.

As it turns out she did win by 2-3% so all the talking heads could declare it an amazing comeback and stunning win. IMO, it showed a loss of 15% in one week.

On the Republican side, the talking heads are calling McCain the Comeback Kid, which again I dont understand. He has won his only primary and will be long gone after Super Tuesday. He is on the wrong side of too many issues for most Republicans. He is too old to be electable and will look about 100 by November if he were the nominee. He had to let staff go last fall because his campaign is broke. Unless he wins the PowerBall he wont have the funds to keep going.

Oh well... next week we have Michigan and I will have a few comments I bet...


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