Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead...

Ding Dong the witch is dead!!

Super Tuesday has happened and we have now seen the end of the Clinton era. Hillary won some big states like New York, California and New Jersey but she did not win the majority of the states or delegates up for grabs on Tuesday. The states she did win are blue states and will go to the Democratic candidate regardless of who is on the ballot. Obama won 14 of the 22 states up for grabs. Obama won every caucus on Tuesday. He clobbered her in red states that the Democrats will need if they want to win in November.

Hillary Clinton survived a Super Tuesday scare. But there are several big reasons for her to be scared. The calendar is her enemy. Now that more than half the states have weighed in, there is a fairly predictable formula for determining who is most likely to win the upcoming contests. In caucus states, Obama’s organizational strength shines: He has won seven of eight. Up next are three more caucus states, Washington, Nebraska and Maine.

Obama also runs tremendously well in states with large African-American populations, another promising sign since next Tuesday’s three primaries are in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia — all of which have significant percentages of black voters.

Then comes another caucus state, Hawaii, where Obama is viewed as a native son.

The bottom line is that it figures to be another month before Clinton hits a stretch of states — places like Ohio and Pennsylvania — where she may be favored to win.

Money chases momentum, so Obama crushing’s 2-to-1 fundraising victory last month is revealing. He raised more than $31 million; Clinton raised less than $14 million. The implication is hard to ignore: Democratic activists and donors are flocking to Obama at a pace that could have a profound effect on the race going forward. Now it is reported that Clinton had to loan her campaign $5 million and her staff is going unpaid for a month.

We have seen the beginning of the end of the Clinton era.

On the Republican side, McAmnesty seems to be the front runner but it wasn’t the slam dunk he expected. Huckabee seemed to come out of nowhere to win some southern states. But he has only one more card to play and that is Mississippi. After that he runs out of Evangelical strongholds. Until then he will continue to drain votes from Romney and most likely keep him from getting the nomination.


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