Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Now The Fun Begins...

Now the fun begins...

Last night some of the "talking heads" said that Obama will offer Clinton the VP spot.... only if she refuses to take it. Just a gesture for "unifying the party".

We now have 2 Senators running. The last time a sitting member of Congress was elected POTUS was 1960. This is because we dont like to elect a back room wheeler and dealer. Now we dont have a choice. 1 guy is a Senator with 2 years in Congress and 1 guy that has been a Senator for 21 years and was a Congressman for 6 years before that.

And the US citizen is the loser in all this...

So now it has become official and what does McCain do last night??
He goes on TV and gives an absolutely horrible speech claiming he was the real "agent of change" and he offers "change that makes sense". He was trying to go after Clinton supporters by reaching out to them by fanning the fires about sexism and how badly she was treated in the primaries.

This is what all you McCain supporters can expect... a candidate that is catering to everyone and every group.... except the Republican base.


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