Thursday, September 04, 2008

McCain/Palin: A Bridge to Nowhere

The title of this post is vague and sweeping.

Just as the GOP convention has been. I listened to Sarah Palin's whole speech this morning. Last night was only 8 minutes.

The mockery went too far. There was no "there" in her speech. Or the McCain campaign. They played the “Obama doesn’t love America, just himself” card, over and over and over. When you need to let the country know your VP pick, you dont start by critiquing Barack Obama's biography.

Sarah Palin is not a trusted voice of authority -- she's much too new. Sarah Palin lacks the standing to make this critique of Barack Obama.

All that being said, instead of enforcing the reason McCain chose you, she decided it was better make a speech better suited for a Rotary Club meeting. She gave me no reason to think she is ready to be POTUS. She gave me no reason to think she is qualified to be VPOTUS. This is what she HAD to accomplish in her first national exposure. Save the mocking for the stump. She had to sell herself as the best choice for VPOTUS out there, and she didnt.

Was it wise for her to attack the media in an era of 24/7 cable news? Most of the media is pulling for Obama and she gave them more reason to do so.

Just my $.02, but I have a feeling that she has inspired the Democratic base to work even harder for Obama. There are many many more registered Dems than Pubs, and she may have awoken a sleeping giant with her condescension.


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