Friday, September 26, 2008

A Bridge To Nowhere Part 5

McCain seems to be risking it all by suspending his campaign and calling for a delay of the debates. His poll numbers have taken a huge hit in the last two weeks and now his campaign is floundering. I think that McCain, or his campaign, think that if he can "race back to Washington and save the day" it will make him seem presidential and win him the election.

There are a lot of problems with that thinking...

1. There is no way the Democratic leadership in Congress is going to allow him to drop in like the 82nd airborne and take over.

2. He is going to take a hit in his base if he votes YES on any bailout bill.

3. He is going to have to vote YES on any bailout bill now since it has become apparent that he has intended to provide leadership on the issue and if the bill fails he will suffer the ramifications.

4. 74 percent of Americans think there should be some sort of debate and he will take a big hit for not showing up.

He has painted himself into a corner and the paint won’t be dry until after November 4th. All of his erratic behavior in the past few months has really hurt him.

As my 80 year old father said the other day... "McCain is starting to act like a lot of 72 year old men that I have known, and that ain't good for anyone that wants to be president".


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