Monday, December 13, 2004


Well, its finally out that some baseball players have been using steroids.
Wow! What a surprise. I am shocked. Say it aint so.
Give me a break. Fans, owners, the commissioner, and the players have known for years and years that players have been on the juice. These guys all look like body builders. Go to a spring training camp and look at the size difference between the younger minor leaguers and the major leaguers. And no one knew it was happening? We, the fans, have been taken to the cleaners by this. We have to pay so much more for a ticket now then we did 10 years ago. The owners know that home runs put butts in the seats. Butts in the seats means they can hold a city hostage to get a new ball park. Idiotic owners way over pay mediocre players. All because they can hit 35 home runs. How many of those home runs have any impact in the game. A homerun in the 8th inning when your team is either up or down by 7 runs means nothing. Driving in that run from 2nd base back in the third inning would have meant more.
Now the self proclaimed savior of the American people, John McCain, wants Congress to get involved. Does he think that this will be a good issue to have addressed when he runs for President? We will have no social security when we retire but baseball will be "drug free". Gee it seems to me the only ones not relying on social security when they get old will be the baseball players that got all that money for hitting home runs. Darn, I wish I were younger and could hit a curveball...


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