Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Election Observation...

Well... its finally over. Thank goodness. Just a few of my observations. I am glad that GWB won and I think we will continue to move in a good direction and be safer at home. I think Kerry was very gracious in his concession speech. It is fun to read about how some of the Dems are already going off about how the voting machines were rigged and once again they were robbed. Sad and scary yet fun.
I wonder how much the Swift Vets, Michael Moore, and bloggers impacted the outcome.
Did 4 damaging hurricanes, all of which seemed to happen over the weekend, hurt Kerry's campaign by the MSM covering them and not the spin meisters on the Sunday morning shows? Clinton's heart problems? Dan Rather's blunder?
Did the debates hurt Bush? How much did Hollywood and George Soros hurt him? The Iraq situation?
10 years from now we will know whether Bush made good or bad decisions. Nothing in D.C. happens overnight regardless of what candidates tell you.
The Dems keep getting dumber. They got clobbered in 2000, 2002, 2003 (in CA recall), and again in 2004. The real defeat for the Dems was losing 4 more seats in the Senate. The Republicans have been picking off choice Senate seats like a Marine sniper in Fallujah. They seem to be a very fractured party. East coast intellectuals, west coast environmental activists, anti-war geriatric hippies, union leaders, pro-choice etc all trying to pull the party their way. Now they are pointing fingers all over to look for blame and what went wrong. Once again they are doing the now famous Democratic circular firing squad.


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