Tuesday, November 09, 2004

What the Future Holds...

Now that the elections are over the talking heads are already "nominating" their choices for 2008. John McCain, Hillary, John Edwards, and Evan Bayh seem to be on the short list. Who else is pondering a run? Will Cheney still be the VP when this 2nd term ends? If it is a different person will they be electable? Is there another "Ross Perot" out there?
When will they learn? In 2008 it will have been 48 years since an active seated member of Congress was elected President. The career path for President seems to be that of Governor. Makes sense to me. That is a management job and not the "negotiating" job of a member of Congress.
The Democrats need to stop referring to anyone who disagrees with one of their issues as idiots, racist, sexist, homophoic, unenlightned, uneducated etc. They are a very fractured party that seems to be getting pulled apart by all the different factions. They will continue to lose seats in Congress if they dont "reach out" to middle America with issues that are important to them. They need to stop going home to million dollar houses, drive expensive SUVs, being worth millions of dollars but only pay 12% in taxes and telling people they know best and are looking out for them.
The Republicans need to lighten up on some social issues. They have to support good qualified candidates that have differing views and dont walk lockstep with the far right wing. They should take a page out of the Arnold's book. Conservative on fiscal issues and middle of the road on social issues. That crosses over party lines and he proved it. Better the Republicans do it then a Democratic "Arnold" candidate. They need to nominate, run and elect more minority candidates. A strong conservative Hispanic or Asian candidate would win a congress or senate seat in California. A strong African-American conservative candidate could win big in NY, PA, MI, and Florida. The first female President will not be a liberal white woman from the North East who is still stuck in the 60s but a conservative forward looking minority woman.


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